Texarkana Arkansas and Arkansas State CPS DHS Child Services Corruption

Arkansas and Texarkana Arkansas cps isn't protecting our children , it could happen to you , spread the word and don't let it happen to you

Texarkana Arkansas Miller county DHS takes happy children from there parents

Arkansas DHS & foster care system abusing and neglecting children of Albert & Miriam Krantz

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While the State of Arkansas has presented no evidence that Albert and Miriam Krantz have ever abused or neglected their children or any children, the evidence is starting to mount that the six Krantz children have not fared so well while in Arkansas State custody since November of 2008.

The most recent example of neglect and abuse of the children by the State of Arkanasas and Miller County Department of Human Services occurred recently when two of the younger children, ages 2 and 3, had to sleep on the floor of a DHS office. DHS did not even have blankets for the children and had to call their parents to bring some.

It is alleged that the two children were removed from foster care last Thursday, although no reason has been given for the removal. One can only wonder about what might have happened in foster care that would have caused their removal.

But this is just the last episode of mistreatment of Albert and Miriam Krantz and their children by the State of Arkansas and Miller County DHS. The following is a partial list of some of the ways the Krantz children have been abused and neglected by the state and county.

1. The children have been separated from each other, instead of being kept together.

2. The children have been farmed out to strangers, even though their grandmother, Dana Minnabarriet, has the desire, means and room to take care of all of them. Minnabarriet had a meeting with Steve Mason, head of Miller County DHS, the day after the state seized her grand-children. It was her understanding that she would be given custody of the children, but it never happened. Furthermore, the children have been placed in homes that don’t share their parents religious views. This is similar to what the government did to native American children up until the late 1970s.

3. On at least one occasion the children were denied a court ordered visit. A certified letter from Albert and Miriam Krantz to case worker, Kay Smallwood, indicates that Smallwood refused to let the parents visit one of their children on at least one occasion without an adequate reason for the refusal. They were not allowed to call their child, resulting in no contact between the parent and child for a period of two weeks.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Krantz are allowed to visit their children once a week. This is not a very liberal visitation policy considering that they have not been charged with any crimes. Many states allow parents, in similar circumstances, to visit their children several times a week.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Krantz dropped off Winter coats for their children on November 19, 2008. It took seven or eight days for DHS to distribute the coats to the children, according to their parents. Furthermore, the two youngest did not receive their favorite blanket, bunny and pacifier for seven or eight days, even though these infants were of the age where these items were necessities not luxuries.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Krantz state that their children are suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder because of actions on the part of the state.

7. The very act of taking the children was an act of child abuse, particularly when there was no evidence that the children had been abused or neglected. One can only imagine what it was like for young children to be traveling on the road and to be surrounded by police cars, dozens of cops and social workers, with a helicopter overhead, then to be taken from the van and placed into foster care.

But then we don’t need to imagine it. The video below shows clearly the trauma of the children as well as that of Miriam Krantz. The police and social workers appear to be without emotion as the children cry and the mother cries. At about 2:12 minutes into the video, you can hear the toneless, robotic social worker drone on and on with her questions as the children begin to wail louder and louder. Albert Krantz has a difficult time focusing on answering the questions and on his children’s discomfort at the same time.

Debra Ondrisek, mother of two children seized in an earlier raid, describes the effect of the raid on the children. “On September 20, 2008, my sixteen year old daughter was kidnapped by the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Arkansas State Police, and FBI, in a militaristic raid which included over one hundred agents, police cars, helicopters, snipers, men armed with machine guns, bullet proof vests, and riot gear, TO KIDNAP SIX GIRLS, while searching for evidence against Pastor Alamo. The machine guns with lasers were pointed directly at my two daughters; my older daughter is twenty years old. We live in Texarkana, AR, and my daughter had been visiting her older sister in Fouke that afternoon when the raid occurred. One child who was taken had just returned from visiting seniors at a nursing home.”

“The raid itself was so traumatizing to all the children of our church. Children who always felt safe and secure in their Christian homes started having nightmares. When they would hear a siren or see a person in uniform, they would get hysterical. Some children wouldn’t let their mothers out of their sight for fear of being kidnapped. One twelve year old boy started losing his mind due to the terror he had of being kidnapped from his parents. One little happy-go-lucky seven year old girl was physically sick for two days, depressed and in despair that she’d soon be taken from her family. Two of the six girls who were taken were so tormented and depressed that they stated if they were not Christians, they would commit suicide. Now, for the twenty recently kidnapped children, their worst nightmares have come true.”


One comment on “Texarkana Arkansas Miller county DHS takes happy children from there parents

  1. johndurham123
    January 27, 2013

    Seeking relative placement, as a grandfather of children in DHS care, judge joe griffen of Miller country arkansas, listened to excuses for an entire 14 months while these ladies delayed my homestudy paper work, and intentionally (proven in court) sent it to wrong addresses.

    When they finally did give me a homestudy, and court time came, they lied and told the judge they had never been to my home (they had just been there), and he looked in his records and corrected them for their lie (on the stand) saying “I have right here that someone WAS out to his home” and didnt even scold them for lying.

    They said my income wasnt verified (because I own a business) and they thought my merchant statements didnt make sense. So the judge delayed another 6 months saying I needed to bring bank statements. They also said they didnt have nmy drivers license which I faxed to them , then called and confirmed twice a week before court,

    Then, 6 months later I brought in the bank statements Judge Joe Griffen asked for… and the Attorney Helen Mitchell said they couldnt understand my bank statements because it was a business account, and so the judge said he needed to see my tax returns…, the judge delayed another 100 days.

    Then on the next court date I brought in my tax returns in, (all of this time Im maintaining a 5 bedroom home which I moved into from a 3 bedroom apartment because DHS said it might help if I get a bigger place, even though the one I had met standards. I had increased my rent by an extra thousand dollars per month and maintained it for 14 months waiting for them to approve my homestudy….)

    So anyway, I finally bring my tax returns in from H&R Block thinking this would resolve the issue, and on this court date the DHS Atoorney Helen Mitchell objects to the evidence and tells the judge “we dont know if he just fabricated these tax returns, we dont know that they are real” (with the tax preparers phone number and contact info right on the paperwork”, and the judge refused me again based ion that…and I had to wait a hundred more days as he told me “I need to see a one page profit and loss statement from a certified cpa”… and he put it off another 100 days.

    DHS then rose up and said “The statutue of limitations has run out on his last homestudy (the one they had claimed prior didnt happen)…So he ordered a new homestudy… which he gave them 30 days to complete… 60 days later I still had not received the paperwork…and by then I was going through a divorce as my wife had decided that I should fight this battle alone…and DHS refused to come out and see me until the divorce was final….so that homestudy didnt happen.

    In the meantime I had went to a cpa, paid hundreds of dollars to have a PNL done on my business, and had my cpa call Judge Joe Griffens office before preparing it to make sure it was the docement he needed to proove my income.

    In lieu of DHS refusing to come to my house until my divorce was final… I hired a private homestudy investigator to come to my home and do a homestudy, the results of which I carried to the next court meeting, along wit5h my notorized cpa statement that the judge asked for.

    Upon arriving at court, dhs refused to accept my private homestudy which was done by a certified private investigator, and so I offered up the Profit and Loss statement to the judge and said on record (this is what you asked for, I even had my cpa call your office and confirm this was what you wanted”…. Suddenly the DHS said “Hearsay your honor, the CPA isnt here”. Our attorney said “But its notorized your honor” and I said “Your honor you are the one who asked me for this, and I spent hundreds of dollars to have it done”, and he ruled in favor of DHS that it was hearsay, struck it from the record and would not have it entered into evidence.

    These people are crooked and they know what they are doing. I have rights to preferential treatment according to the law, and they treat me more like a criminal. Also, when I spoke up and tried to quote my rights, the judge shusshed me up and said “We are not here to argue the law” and had it stricken from the record.

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